In Aroco, we devote ourselves to cultivate cacao fino de aroma following regenerative agriculture principles. In our farm located in the community of Nilo, Cundinamarca, we have 45 hectares of productive cacao plantations. In La Victoria, Caldas 100 more hectares are currently being designed.

We are committed to offering our clients cacao products of the highest quality while maintaining a respectful relationship with the environment and society. We are interested in building relationships among producers, industry experts and clients who share our philosophy in order to guarantee high-quality and fairly-priced product offerings at each stage of the supply chain.

Our philosophy to produce cacao fino de aroma - Aroco
Our research center in COLOMBIA to produce cacao fino de aroma - Aroco


Our main research center is located in “La finca El Milagro”. There, we concentrate our efforts to understand in detail the behavior of cacao crops and the nuances in every process. Throughout this work, we want to find the optimal conditions for cacao growth and development and thus, achieve our main goal of producing cacao fino de aroma of the highest quality.


We empower farmers and their families through cultural and learning activities, technical training programs and much more.

Our colombian cacao community - Aroco


We are constantly looking for building new relationships with cacao communities, following a careful selection process in order to be able to offer the best cacao to our clients.

Wholesale and exportation cacao beans  and other cacao products - Aroco


The regenerative agriculture helps to create closed ecological systems that, besides being sustainable, increase biodiversity, improve soil quality, use water efficiently and absorb carbon dioxide.

Our services are designed for landowners and investors who are looking for long-term investment opportunities.